Are you aware of how essential your child’s time in kindergarten is? Hit the link for the full details.

Many parents are excited about enrolling their young children in kindergarten. In some countries like India and China, a stint in kindergarten is mandatory to get the child enrolled in pre-school. However, in other countries, parents have the option of enrolling their child directly to school.

But your child will benefit immensely by being enrolled in kindergarten in Frenchville. It imparts many valuable lessons to your young child, and is a major building block for his personality.

The benefits of kindergarten

In many ways, kindergarten prepares your child for life in the world. It is his first introduction to other human beings that are not part of his immediate family, so he learns his first lessons in socialising with strangers. Being with children his own age, who are not his older or younger siblings, imparts many lessons in adjustment, making friends and sharing a common space.

It is important for toddlers to also make friends easily and to find other toddlers that they like and are comfortable being around. Making friends also helps children adjust to other cultures, habits and lifestyles – these are lessons that cannot be learnt at home. More importantly, it helps children wean themselves away from constantly being only with their parents and siblings.

Kindergarten also imparts one extremely vital lesson – it helps children adjust to learning and obeying another authority figure who is not their parent: the teacher. Children must learn to respect and obey authority figures. From their teachers, they learn not just obedience but also the meaning and importance of boundaries, rules and following a common routine as other children. Teachers are instrumental in teaching team work, empathy for other children and also helping each child realise his or her potential.

Learning to read and write

Kindergarten is also a place where children learn to read and write, and an alert teacher will be able to spot any difficulties in learning and imbibing lessons at the first instance of trouble. Some children suffer from such undetected conditions as dyslexia, autism or ADHD, and the signs of these normally become clear in the kindergarten years.

Studies show that children attending kindergarten have more developed reasoning and social skills than children who do not. These children are better equipped to handle elementary school – not only are they able to adjust faster, they are also better at handling their lessons and manage themselves even in social situations. They are also found to be better adjusted at home – they learn to make the differentiation between home and school environments, and what the boundaries and rules in both places are.