Signing up for a ballet class can leave both you and your little girl very excited. But what does she need to wear and how can you get ready for the first day of lessons? Hit the link for the full details.

All ballet schools and teachers are different, so they all will require different items and clothing. Girl’s tutu skirts are sometimes a main article when it comes to ballet. Other schools may prefer just the dancewear, with no other special clothing item whatsoever.

Basic items

Girls love to wear ballet clothes. From adorable girls tutu skirts, to proper shoes that make them feel like real ballerinas. As basics, you will have to usually buy your little girl tights and leotards, mainly because they’re comfy and allow a lot of movement. And don’t forget the proper shoes! Pretty clothes will make your daughter feel more confident and beautiful. These kinds of clothes can be bought from a variety of places, from departments stores to online stores, and they’re really not that expensive. Depending on the ballet school that you chose, you will have to buy specific color clothes and specific items. Some teachers don’t even allow skirts at all, so that they can be able to see the body’s movement better and correct possible mistakes.

Always buy ballet shoes
Ballet shoes are really very important. They’re either made out of leather or from canvas, having full or split soles. There are three usual colors that these kinds of shoes are available in: pink, white or black. Some schools are not picky when it comes to colors or brands, but others might be, so be careful to always ask the teacher and be prepared. Others might tell you the brands and colors to buy, especially for matching purposes and a higher grade of comfort. Departments store shoes may look nice and real but that’s not entirely the case. When it comes to dance shoes, quality and materials are very important aspects, like leather that doesn’t allow your child’s foot to slip. If your child is planning to take ballet lessons for a couple of years at least, investing in expensive shoes is not a bad idea.

Items to bring to class

It’s hard to say if your child will need anything else besides shoes and the proper clothes. Hoodies or sweaters may be a good option for cold days. Water and snacks are also important too, helps your daughter have energy and be hydrated, even though a lot of teachers ask the kids to wait until classes end so they can have a snack or drink some water, since they don’t take that long.