Children are possessive and they are happy to show off their belongings with proof that they are really their own. In the past, monogrammed or embroidered clothing, handkerchiefs, and linens represent personalized items; but who would have the time to embroider shirts and linens in this day and age? Yet, things can still have a personal stamp and this is made possible by using stickers. The stickers come in various designs and there are letters that you can put together to make a name or you can have a made-to-order sticker bearing a certain name. These stickers have special adhesives that will never peel off despite washing or ironing the clothes.

Why children love stickers?
Children love to own things and they want proof of their ownership. Name stickers now sell like hot cakes as children want to have a collection of stickers in different colors and designs. They like to show off their properties with their names. School children find it easy to identify their things when they have their names stuck on them. This minimizes theft of other children’s things, which is rampant in classrooms. Their things can interchange such as watercontainers and lunch boxes with the same design and color. With their names stuck on them, they can identify which one is their own.

Children love to decorate their room with stickers
Name stickers come in different sizes, font styles, and colors. Children use big bold letters to place their name on the door of their room. The name is usually surrounded by cute stickers of flowers, butterflies, kittens, and other things that little boys and girls love. They place stickers on the walls of their room, on the edges of the mirror, and on their closet doors. Enter a child’s room and you will wonder at the creativity and artistry by which the stickers are placed. They would usually place stickers on their bags, pencil cases, crayon boxes, book and notebook covers. Some children outgrow this hobby, but girls continue to love cute stickers even if they are already teenagers.

Where to find a wide array of stickers?
Some stores that sell stationeries, envelopes, and special papers sell stickers. However, they usually come in one size and few designs. If you want to have endless choices of colors, designs, styles, and sizes, visit an online sticker store. You can find a great selection of name stickers that your child will love. However, if you have a design in your mind, you can submit a sketch and the store will make them for you. Just place your order with the sketch and specifications and the sticker will be delivered to you. Most online stores accept bulk orders so there is no limit to the number of stickers you can buy. Give this as a gift and bring joy to the recipient.