Starting the first grade for children can also prove to be a nightmare for parents in terms of requisites. It is a new experience for your child and he can be overwhelmed with emotions, therefore mixing each other personal possessions is very common at this age. One of the several must-have items they have to keep in mind when going shopping for school are labels for almost everything.

A design that fits their needs

Every child has a different personality and parents should first take into consideration their offspring’s opinion. Name stickers should be colorful and bright and symbolize the juvenile. Playful fonts and styles are best suited for first graders. Children can choose from a large variety of cartoon characters and drawings that represent themselves and their likes. This will definitely make them feel more comfortable in their new surroundings.

Whether the name stickers are round, square or rectangular with round corners they can all be found a certain role. A good strategy is to group then for certain purposes: notebooks, food, books, etc. That way they can recognize their belongings based on the shape of the label. It is not just easier, but also catchier and it is a good practice for teaching them discipline and keeping things in order and categorized based on specific criteria.

Making an impression

It is not strange to see new friendships that start when children identify similar hobbies from their colleagues’ school supplies.  For example, if the label for the sports bag contains a football ball or the backpack contains the same cartoon character they can easily identify what their mates are into.

Good looking labeled items can make a good impression clothing labels on others and can stimulate conversations and creating a bond between children that may be nervous otherwise.

Practical use

However, the main purpose of these stickers is to quickly recognize their possessions and prevent them from losing objects. Imagine if someone forgot his shoes in the locker room, someone else could easily find out who the owner of those shoes is by reading the label and return them avoiding any kind of confusion.

It is just safety procedure because children should be taught how to act responsibly and take care of their own things. They should not take anything for granted and they definitely should not be careless when using their supplies.

To conclude with, you can find various types of stickers in every bookshop. They come in different sets with different price tags. However, if you want to choose a cheaper alternative you can just create them yourself at home with colored paper. The latter gives you better customization but it is certainly more time consuming. Whatever you choose, the priority should be the child’s preference.