It crosses are mind to sometimes give back to the less fortunate rather than always giving the ones who have enough. Celebrating birthdays at orphanages is quite a common practice, but at the same knowing what to really give these children is food for thought. If you are planning to celebrate your birthday at a children’s orphanage and spend some quality time with these children, share the meal and give gifts to them, instead of you getting the usual gifts, it is definitely going to draw a smile on the faces of those children. It’s a different world inside orphanages, and orphans quite often look forward to such occasions, when donors decide to come and spend time with them, share a different meal, than the usual time tabled menu. Gifts are always welcomed by any kind of children, so not forgetting to include some gifts is something to keep in mind.

Clothes and accessories

Children always look forward in getting a new outfit or accessories to go with outfits. Just like children in our own homes, children at orphanages look forward to the same. Most often they are not privileged like our very own children to buy whatever clothes they want or have it gifted to them. They would really appreciate receiving a new outfit or accessories. Children are forever so fashionable, so it’s always good to contact the orphanage and get some information, as to age groups of children and what kind of clothes and accessories they might prefer and are in need.

Playthings and Games

Kids love toys and playing games, especially when they are in group and living together as a group. Depending on age groups the toys kids like to engage in differ. If it is a very young group of toddlers many interesting toys are out in the market to be gifted. A variety of toys like cars, construction toys, actions figures, animals, dolls, battery operated toys creative toys and educational toys are good options to be gifted. Children this age can be very creative, so creative toys such as Lego, dress up dolls, play doe are good options while good educational toy options would be haba wooden toys. For older groups of children such as preschoolers and above they enjoy playing with games. Digital games, board games to physical outdoor games and having the accessories to play is important. So gifting games is a good option as they can engage in these games in groups.

Sweet treat bags

There is absolutely no one who does not enjoy sweet treats. Children love sweet treats even though some do not have the opportunity and access to it. Sweet treats can always go in a goodie bag in the gift pack your preparing, for the kids at the orphanage. You can always include a sweet corner in the meal you plan to enjoy with them and give these little sweet treats so that they could keep them and enjoy it later.

Such acts are going to draw a big smile on many orphan kids, and kids love clothes, haba wooden toys and games, sweet treats and even food that they do not get to eat every day. Giving them this is something little for us, but something much bigger to them.